Sunday, February 13, 2011

From SANDALS to BOOTS * From TANK TOPS to SWEATERS = What To Wear In Norway


Well when we moved back in September, it was nice cool fall weather with rain every other day.  The light jackets and rain coats were perfect for what we had packed but long sleeves were a must when the kids played outside.  It was our families first time to wear rain boots.  My sons first day of school was on a very rainy day.  His attire consisted of t-shirt, jogging suit, rain suit and rain boots (I suggest you buy a rain proof school bag for your kids if living in Norway).
Winter wear is a new thing to me.  I grew up in the islands so I have never lived where it snows but spent vacations in it.  So dressing in winter wear is pretty hard for me.  I am still not use to all the layers and remember dress the kids first then yourself.  (REMEMBER WOOL IS THE BEST)
October we got our first snow.  We had bought 2 piece snow suits for the boys, some gloves and hats but learning from the locals for s mall children the one piece snow suits (buy the ones that have the rubber strap to go around and under the boot) are the easiest and quickest to get on and off for outside play and school time.  The snow mittens are the best (the ones that go up to the elbows). Snow boots without the laces are the best for kids and easiest to take off and on.
If you’re going out on overcast days, don’t forget your umbrellas, you never know.


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