Monday, March 14, 2011

People have asked me, "What do you miss most from the U.S.?"


People have asked me, "What do you miss most from the U.S.?" 

Well of course my awesome friends and loving family. I miss their company and good times...  both chit chat & long talks, neighbors hanging out, scrapbook nights, bunco, quick trips to Abaco, going out on a Friday night.  The best of memories are those that we share with the people we love in life.

Some other things I miss from the U.S. .............
long day at the beach with friends...can we say sunburn

boys with Grammy and Gramps

Talking to friends on the phone (no one like talking on the phone here)
Saying hello to strangers
Saying please and thank you and Mr. & Mrs. (my son calls his teacher by her first name)
Smiling at people on the road
Variety! Go into any store in the U.S. and there are tons of options & different styles or brands for anything you want to purchase
one stop shopping – SUPER Target  and shopping on Sunday
Whole Food
decent coffee 
flavored coffee creamer
lots of options for CEREAL 
milk sold in gallon size
Gallons of Tropicana Orange Juice 
American steaks
iced drinks
walk in Closets
ceiling fans

It is crazy how you can become so used to or even dependent upon day to day life back in the States.  
Friends from when they were little babies - one of our play dates
Forever Friends 
Our Surprise Goodbye Party that meant so so much

Easter Egg Hunt
Summer FUN
Papa & Grandma with the boys 
Uncle Forrest with the boys
Crazy COUSINS - Brayden & Bradley
Friends Forever 


  1. Ok I am so homesick after this one! :(

  2. :( Made me sad too ):

    I can agree on just about all of that! Minus the cereal thing because I am not much of a fan...oh and the Chick fil A, because I have never been there! :)

    Don't forget...

    Reasonally priced stuff
    Mexican Food
    Eating out in general
    unseasonably warm temperatures
    grilling out...all year long
    not needing a backhoe to shovel snow
    air conditioning, not that you need it here...
    garage sales
    price matching
    many dinner parties
    going to the library and being able to read childrens books :)
    Not getting dizzy everytime you hit the road...due to all of the roundabouts
    having count time in your head...19:00...what?!!
    Reeses peanut butter cups
    Friends with trucks...this comes in handy...
    Having more than one vehicle
    Finding a decent sized house under 2 million ;)
    should I continue:)

    Glad you found me <3 HUGS

  3. Hi there,
    see your points :), and actually missing some of them even if I'm from Norway. But remember - Vestfold is not all of Norway, but you will of cause not find the waaarm/hot weather and the ;)
    great variety of food/shopping that you have in FLA.
    I think you are great at enjoying what is around here Kristina, and a great addition to your sorundings. Keep it up girl!

    Stor klem til deg fra meg



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