One Year Ago Today...

                                             One Year Ago Today

One year ago today we closed one chapter and opened a new one.

One year ago today Ron, Bradley, Dylan and I crossed the ocean on a new adventure.

One year ago today we arrived in Sandefjord, Norway.

It is hard to describe all the feelings that we each had.


Some uncertainty!

The list could go on.

It was such a strange feeling of entering the unknown; we were stepping out of our comfort zone to start a new life.   As we look back over the year, we see so many new discoveries – new friends we have made and so much to look forward too.  It is hard to believe a year has passed. A year full of exciting new adventures for us.


It has been a time of great growth and learning for our family to adapt to life here in Norway.  Bradley has been through an entire year of school, and Dylan a few months of Barnehage and myself starting Norwegian school 2 weeks ago. Living with new essentials, it has made me realize that you don’t need all the clutter in your life to be happy.  What are important are the people and the experiences you take part in.  We have been through an entire year of seasons.  From minus zero winters in a foreign country to perfect long summer days.

We are still getting to know our new home and look forward to "year two" and all that is in store for us.
Life just gets more and more exciting, just when you think you have done it all and have it all figured out, God sends you another adventure. 

We thank you for your thoughts & prayers and are still looking forward to visits from family and friends!  We think of our wonderful family and friends back in The Bahamas and
USA so often.



Warmly, the Unhjem Family – Ronny, Kristina, Bradley and Dylan 


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