What Is Your Back to School Resolution?

A reader of professional organizer and the Donate Movement spokesperson Lorie Marrero’s blog made the comment, “The new school year to me is like setting new year’s resolutions.“  Lorie agreed and created some suggestions of some small things you can change to make a huge difference in your school year and how organized you feel:
  • Create a lunch-making station in your kitchen, with storage for lunch boxes, plastic bags, food containers, thermal containers, plasticware, and common lunch treats all within easy reach of the fridge and/or pantry. Think about how easy it would be to make a peanut butter sandwich in your kitchen and adjust accordingly.
  • Start a habit of making lunches the night before. Better yet, have the young ‘uns start packing their own. Give them some guidance on appropriate menus and combinations and keep your supplies stocked for them.
  • Find out if your school has automated reminders that e-mail you when your child’s lunch money account is below a certain dollar amount. (Ours does and I didn’t know that until the end of last year!)
  • Get up earlier. Get ahead of the rest of the family, get your workout done, get a shower, or just get some quiet time to yourself before the whole day’s wild rumpus begins.
  • Do your “Sunday Planning”– just 10-15 minutes a week could change everything!
  • Set up family policies for homework time, snack time, and how much screen time the kids can have on weekdays and weekends. Agree to these policies together along with the consequences for violating them, and even have the kids sign an official paper about it. Eliminate arguments and constant policing!
  • Make an effort to organize a carpool arrangement with at least one other family. It saves everyone immense amounts of time and is good for the environment too.

What will your back to school resolutions be this year?   Share with us!

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